Basic Fencing Gear

MaskMask – Fencing mask protects the head, neck and face. Although the mesh front might make the mask look flimsy, the use of specially constructed heavy-duty mesh prevents breakage. Qualified fencing masks for competition must pass a pressure test of 1,600 newton’s (360 lbs.) of force.

Glove – Fencing glove is worn on the weapon hand only. It comes with a gauntlet that extends around halfway up the forearm with extra padding on the backhand. In addition to providing a good grip, it can prevent blades from going up the sleeve and causing injury.

Fencing Jacket Fencing Jacket is a tight-fitting, long- sleeved, high-collared affair usually extending below the groin and fastened on the side opposite the weapon hand. It also comes with a padded underarm protector. Fencing jackets are made of puncture resistant fabric, such as Kevlar – material used in bulletproof vests. The ballistic nylon can withstand concentrated hits from the end of the fencing weapons. FIE rules state that tournament outfits must be able to resist a force of 800 newtons (180 lbs).


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